What to expect at the camps for BigMountain.in

Camping can be exciting yet tedious especially if you don’t cover it under a renowned company. At BigMountain Camps all your basic amenities are taken care of. We only request you to carry your bathing linen along to help us save water.

Regular Supply of Electricity

Although there is no electricity provided by the government, we don’t allow our guests to compromise. We have Genset which provides electricity for late night plus we provide solar emergency lights in each tent, to ensure that you can actually enjoy your camping in peace.

Eco Friendly

We are not just guest friendly but are also environment friendly. In order to maintain an eco-balance, we provide our guests with eco-friendly carry bags. However, our guests are also requested to carry all the empty bags, bottles, plastic, paper or any kind of rubbish along with them.

Hot water

In order to ensure complete comfort, our guests are provided with “Hammam,” a typical instrument that converts cold water to hot water. These Hammams are present in every camp site which means every morning you can actually enjoy a fresh warm water bath.

Restaurant Tent

Our guests are also given timely meals that include breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner at our restaurant tent. We have also provided a fixed menu and timings for the same.


It’s quite impossible to enjoy any trip without a proper toilet system. Understanding this, we have provided every tent with attached toilets that includes a sink, a western styled toilet seat along with spray jets, a water tap, a bucket and a seat. Kindly note that you can get only cold water from the present toilet taps.

Camp fire

What’s camping without campfire? To ensure that our each and every guest is able to enjoy a great time with us, we have arranged a campfire at night. Enjoy your wilderness around the fire like never before!

Drinking water

To ensure that our every customer is not deprived of drinking water, we have tapped the natural mountain water that is generally available from higher ranges. At the same time, each and every guest is also provided with a water bottle everyday.